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Animation - Element IV

pholosophor Animation Element IV
If two triangles have two sides equal to two sides, respectively, and have the angle(s) enclosed by the equal straight-lines equal, then they will also have the base equal to the base, and the triangle will be equal to the triangle, and the remaining angles subtended by the equal sides will be equal to the corresponding remaining angles.
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pholosophor artwork I

Arbasetti pholosophor Shape Droid

pholosophor artwork II

Arbasetti pholosophor Flowchart

pholosophor synthesis I

Cogitatum Effictus

Design can be observed tangibly, as an activity of the mind and senses, which for the most part is represented imperfectly, as observed by the person witnessing it. Design can also be observed objectively, where the element being observed already exists outside the realm of consciousness, and is expressed already as excellent by its very nature.

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